The 11 Dreams
i oo
Naked women, lots of girls and I walk naked on the street with them a dream by Antonio.
In the back of my house, there’s a huge dump. Where they throw away food, cardboard, useful things for us, things we can sell and I went looking for those things a dream by Gustavo.
It came closer and closer, the smoke heated my face. I felt, saw the house burning a dream by Marga.
In front of an office, a huge building, I started to sort out and found something that changed my life. It was really beautiful. I stopped being a cartonera, I was important a dream by Lorena.
I lived in the country and had lots of animals. My everyday work was to take care of the animals but one day there was a heavy storm and we got flooded. It killed all the animals a dream by Julia.
My cousin told me that on Wednesday afternoon, I should play 74 in the lottery a dream by Paulo.
I found a curler, a comb to curl your hair in Ballester, in Villa Ballester. But when I opened another bag to look for papers, a woman came towards me. She was fat and quite short a dream by Hector.
They were drunk or high and first they greeted us and then one of them pulled a knife a dream by Marcos.
I came to Buenos Aires and the first time I went to the centre, I got lost a dream by Marcelo.
It was wilderness, wilderness, wilderness, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up. However that countryside was gorgeous, huge, huge, a wilderness, wilderness a dream by Maria.
I had to except it. She took off my shirt and my trousers and I started to touch her. We started to touch each other, touching each other till it happened a dream by Silvestre.

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