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My name is Gustavo Aguilar, I’m 25 years old and I’ll tell you my dream.
I dreamt of, in the back of my house, near my house, there’s a huge dump. Where they throw away food, cardboard, useful things for us, things we can sell. As I went looking for those things someone told me that people were chased at this dump. It must have had something to do with this, that fear, that I dreamt I was in that place one night. You have to go through a field to get there; a large field; we call it the mountain. There’s also a river, a wide river. It’s called the river Luján. The bridge crossing the river is quite dangerous, it’s not safe for people to pass it, but you have to take risks anyway, so … well. I dreamt I was in that place. I was there with a guy. The guy says to me, in the dream: "Gustavo, come here, let’s go up there". I followed him and when we arrived up there, a cop comes out from nowhere, and says: "What are you doing here. Go away or I’ll kill you". We started running. At one moment ...

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