Julia $35
i oo
We’re all really afraid when it rains, since, as you may see, we live in the mud. There’s a canal, we call it ‘zanjón’. And people there, I mean, we throw our trash away there, useless things for us, real trash. Sometimes people throw stolen cars in the canal. And that’s why we’re scared when it rains, the canal gets filled and can enter the, the water can enter our houses. That’s why we’re scared. Till now it never happened. Once there was a flooding, the water just reached the pavement. However in the back of the neighbourhood, it was incredible. People passing by with televisions, kids, clothes, all carried in their arms. Because there, over there, the water got inside the houses. It’s really dangerous when it rains like that, because there are lots of cables, electric cables I mean. And for children … let’s say if you have the fridge on the floor, you can get electrocuted immediately. For the children it is more dangerous than for us, adults. Well, I dreamt that I lived in the country, that I had lots of animals ...

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