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My name is Antonio. I have dreams, erotic dreams. When I’m sleeping I dream of naked women. Lots of girls and I dream of walking naked on the street with them. I enter my, my bedroom and I do things and … I make love. And after making love they start beating me and than I wake up scared, with a mess around me, like a sleepwolker … sleepwalker. I wake up really scared and I have these dreams twice a week, three times maybe.
Some of them are blond, some are brunette. The one, who lived two blocks away from me, was a blond. Once I really liked her, but things didn’t work out because of her father. Well, this girl, the blond one, once I was about to have a relationship with her, and her father wouldn’t let me. So I started dreaming of her, that we made love in my bed.
Well, my bedroom has a bed, a little dinning-room and the fridge and the TV. We came in, we were walking like on the street and entered the room and started making love, in my bed ...

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