Hector $35
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Well, I’m Hector from Bancalari, a very little neighbourhood, far from, the centre. Every afternoon I go through the trash in Ballester, Villa Ballester. It has lots of huge houses, lots of cars.
Yesterday I dreamt, I dreamt I found a comb to curl your hair. I was checking the bags and I found it inside one. When I opened another bag to look for papers, a woman came towards me. She was fat and quite short. She came from a huge house, two floors, maybe three, a really nice and huge house, right at the corner. I can’t remember the name of the street right now. But let’s say it’s a crowded street, with lots of cars passing by.
So this woman came out of her house and told me to give the comb back to her, since it was hers. I said: "Excuse me madam. I didn’t steal it from you. I found it inside the bag, which I just opened". "I won’t give it back to you because it was thrown away", I said. "I found it", I told her. She answered: "No, my daughter threw it away, she didn’t know ...

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