Lorena $40
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Hello everyone, I’m Lorena. I’m Argentinean; I’m twenty-four years old. My dream is, to have money and help every homeless child who sleeps in the streets, to help all the grannies sleeping in the parks, to be rich, in a sort of way, because it makes me really sad to see all those people living like that. My sons as well, I’d like them to have a better future, that people will not point at them one day, saying: "There he goes, the illiterate, the cartonera’s son". I would like to have, I would like them to have a good education and that they will have a beautiful education. That one day they become someone important, that they will get on, get on. I would like them to understand me, because … .
So, well, once I dreamt that I checked the garbage in front of an office, where they throw away a lot of white paper. It’s a huge office, full of departments. They throw away everything from the Correo Argentino, white papers, envelopes, everything they throw away. And well ...

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