Marcos $45
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It was a street downtown. I can’t remember which one. But I know we were going to a club in Constitución, to a club. We had got off the bus, were walking a little bit. The bus had dropped us five blocks away from the club. We were walking, through a dark street. They were like drunk or high and first they greeted us. And then, after they greeted us, one of them pulled a knife and started stabbing him. We started fighting, we fought as I told you, we were fighting and one of them fell down to the ground. When this happened, he pulled a knife. Cut my friend’s hand and my friend screamed. When I wanted to grab the guy lying on the floor, the one with the knife, another boy came and stabbed me in the back. It was really horrible, and then I woke up and had the nightmare I told you about. But he cut his hand like this, then my brother, first they hit him like stabs in his chest, then three of them grabbed him, four of them and one of them ran away. However lots, lots of blood ...

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