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I was asleep when I started dreaming. In the dream I saw how the house was burning. I could feel the heat of the burning house in my face. It burned me, it came closer and closer, the smoke heated my face. I felt that, I saw the house burning, burning. And I shouted, asked for help, to help me to extinguish at least something and … and I couldn’t put out anything because the fire was already too big. Someone set this fire deliberately, because it could not have started by itself, there was nothing inflammable present in the house. We tried to put it out. However in a place like that, firemen can’t enter because the alley is too narrow. The firemen can’t enter. To enter, they have to go to the other, to the other side of the neighbourhood. They don’t enter here, they enter from the other side but before they would have connected the fire hoses to the canal, everything would be burned, by that time, by the time the firemen arrived. Because, I saw them arriving in my dream, I saw them coming to ...

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