Duck without a Head $20
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"Let’s go," says Fidel. We cross the street and walk into Monroe, the main street in Urquiza, a middleclass neighbourhood.
Teresa is waiting for us, as usually two blocks away. She took the previous train in order to be the first cartonera able to enter the shops next to the station. She is waiting with her shopping-cart, filled with carton and she has a small bicycle in her hand. "That’s for your little daughter," said a shopkeeper to her.
Fidel empties Teresa’s cart into his big handcart and puts the bike on top. It is the typical cartonero cart, made in his neighbourhood. A construction made out of metal tubes with two good running car wheels under it. A big synthetic sandbag is attached to the cart. We continue our way and pass by the bakery where Teresa used to work four months ago. The small man hands over a bag with cookies. It hurts him visibly to see his old employee like this, on the street.

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