Painting with Nude $35
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For 10 years they have lived in Argentina. Only an uncle of Teresa lives here, by chance, in Urquiza. The rest of the family still lives in Paraguay. "We meet him sometimes in the street, when we are waiting in front of an apartments building for the garbage. He greets us quickly and continues his way, he feels ashamed of us," says Fidel bitterly. A lot of people in Urquiza feel ashamed of the situation of the country, a situation that forces the working class to go out to the streets to recycle the trash of those who are better off. Fidel used to work in a textile factory where he controlled three machines. But his papers where not in order and they had to fire him. "This work I do at the moment is temporary," he says. "Is there at this moment more work," I ask him. I hear the minister every day professing that it’s going better. "No, still most of the factories are closed," he answers. "But when my papers are in order, I can return to my old job." I don’t know if this story is true or that it is his last hope.

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