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I have been going with Teresa and Fidel on the street for some weeks. It’s becoming normal, I know the route, the streets, know where we will wait. I learn better how to search into the trash bags but still I don’t find it a nice occupation. I still feel ashamed when people come to us and offer some paper or food. "Probably that failed immigrant again," is what they think.
Still most people are friendly. Also they feel ashamed of the situation, annoyed about the way the country is organised, a country that used to be one of the richest of the world, last century.
At the kiosk the woman is helping to empty her litter. Together with Teresa they collect the useful paper and throw it in the cart. It’s a beautiful scene. We are in Urquiza, a middleclass area. The people here are fed up with poverty. They wish the cartoneros could have a normal job.
Twenty blocks further in Belgrano, where the elite is living, it is another story.

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