Wooden Dog $40
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Lorena had asked me to come to the station in Belgrano, the neighbourhood next to Urquiza. She would take some objects with her, she said.
At the station I ask some boys, who are waiting for the Tren Blanco, if they know her. "We don’t know every cartonera. Do you know how many there are?" says one of the boys to me. Go to the other exit of the station, maybe she is there."
She is chubby, dressed in these typical sport clothes imitations and is brutal. She is wolfing down a hotdog together with Gustavo and Diego. The ketchup is still dripping from her lips. She welcomes me with a kiss. It surprises me; I just got used to that tough handshake. I remember the first time I met Fidel and greeted him with a kiss. A kiss in the air, you touch just each other’s cheek. I directly felt something was wrong, it was the way to greet each other in the upper classes. Gustavo greets me too; first 45 degrees up and after it in the normal way. But Diego on the contrary is motionless staring at me.

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