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The Argentineans have something with travesties. The weirdest stories are circulating, the stories about the silicon tits for example. After the inflation the silicon became really expensive. In order to be able to get bigger tits some poor travesties started to inject machine oil.
"I don’t believe it," I tell my girlfriend who told me the story. "It’s really true," she answers. "It was even on television. But it’s a problem to get the tits into the right form. The oil goes in every direction."
I am waiting on the platform of Urquiza station, looking at the daily scene of the arrival and departure of the Tren Blanco. There is screaming and I recognise the voice of Diego. I listen and hear her shrieking to a colleague who is running away from her: "Come here sissy boy, I will suck that small dick of you." It’s not really clear for me what is happening. I am next to Alejandro’s sons; they are looking to the scene with open mouth. They will take a train later, a quiet one where you can sit down.

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