Deconstructed Doll $45
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Although it was that quiet yesterday, today the Tren Blanco is chuck-full. It is Monday, a good day. Fidel is taking the cartoneros to the empty places in the train, seriously. Gabi stands also on the platform and talks with the security agents of the train.
In the morning they went to another meeting with the train-company.
"They are going to arrange a new train for us," Fidel tells. "This one is gone, broken and starts to get more and more dangerous. There is a lack of any kind of security. It’s skeletons, that train, a carcass and nothing more than that.
"How will be the new one," I ask Fidel. "Oh, exactly the same but with fences in front of the windows. They are especially afraid for the bottles that are thrown out of the window. The train itself will not be much better than it is right now."
I hear a weak flute signal and the train starts to move. Fidel greets me and starts to run in order to jump into the riding train.

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