Two Magazines $20
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The newspapers, the magazines, water bills, everything is printed on cheap recycled paper. Le Monde Diplomatique changed to newspaper quality as replacement for their glossy smoothly one. My water bill is even grey at this moment.
Since the devaluation last year all the paper looks a bit grey. And there are more cartoneros to collect it. And the price goes down since there is more supply of it. Paper is an issue, clearly visible, the face of the decay.
But in the meanwhile the monopolists of trash recycling become frightened by the amount of cartoneros who are collecting their garbage, their paper. Their earnings go down but they have their connections.
"How will you pay that 80 pesos fine a month," I ask Gabi, a fine which will be collected by the police. "We can’t," she says. "If we want or not is not the question, we are forced to refuse it, we don’t have the money. I don’t know what will happen."

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