Several Brooches $50
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A woman comes to me. She is already quite old, or so it seems. Angelica is her name and she has a small bag for me. Full with jewels or something that looks like that. A woman gave it to her one day in Belgrano. She doesn’t know to whom she can sell it. "Maybe you can use it," she begs me. She doesn’t look that clever and I don’t know anything about jewels. "I will ask the father of my girlfriend what the value is," I say. "His father was a goldsmith."
She is one of the cartoneros from Bancalari. "They are so vague," says Gabi sarcastic. "Look these silly carts they have and often they don’t have even a cart but are sauntering around, just dragging a sack." Gabi is from Suárez and proud of it. "We are the best cartoneros. We have big handy quick carts, good waterproof clothes. We are usually already waiting for the Tren Blanco when these vague return very late at the station, going on all fours, that fatigues they are. And what they collect, a trolley half filled or two sacks full with small paper."

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