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Cartoneros look much older than they are. I give him 20 years. He is already a year and two months a cartonero and is one of the few with long hair.
I don’t find out what Hector did before. Maybe he went like a normal kid at school. He and his girlfriend are from Bancalari. Their daughter also has come and sleeps in Hector’s cart. It’s not the typical cartonero cart, more a kind of small trailer.
We start our route and I can not imagine how the cart will be filled at the end. Quite quickly we find a bag with cement. "Handy," he says. "I still don’t have a floor out of stone." I look at him a bit surprised. "Do you have a wooden floor?" I ask him. "No, just stamp ground."
His girlfriend doesn’t join him always. He gives her indications the whole time. It’s clearly visible that she doesn’t really enjoy the work. But when she stays at home she has to look after Hector’s brother. He is three years older than him but has the brains of a child of two.

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