Naïve Drawing $25
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We start to cirujear some fresh bags in front of an apartment building. In two minutes the arms of Hector are covered with a kind of grain. Pastas I think, but I don’t want to observe it precisely. He definitely grabbed wrongly, didn’t look well enough through the bags before putting his hand in it. We find some food in a bag. Milk that has expired a day ago and two small cups of yoghurt. A woman leaves the apartment building and stands still, two meters away from where we are checking her trash. She watches us from the corners of her eyes.
"She is really pretty," whispers Hector. She is blond and has beautiful pushed up tits and her belly is naked. There is a lot of paper in the garbage, white paper, the best you can find. The woman walks away, turns around and smiles to us.
Maria, who has cirujeando the trash of another apartment building, comes with a full bag and her daughter on her arm. The cart gets filled quite well. We continue our way, three more buildings.

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