Pencil Car-Box $25
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The cart is filled. Maria walks with her daughter in her arm. I help Hector to push his cart to his last apartment building.
Every cartonero has more or less his apartments, his contacts with the porters. They put the garbage outside on regular times and the cartoneros wait for them. "There is a lot of difference between the porters," Hector tells me. "Some of them have the garbage already prepared for us, select the different kind of garbage in different bags. Others just dump it outside and snarl at us."
We are cirujeando the trash in front of an apartment building in a poor part of Urquiza, at the same time, a man and a woman come to us. The man has a small bike for us and the woman a blanket. Hector becomes really happy. So much he didn’t collect for days. Her cart is filled, filled three meters high and we push it towards the station. "That was it for today," he says. "And my cart can not carry more than we already have."

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