Spanish Translator $35
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We push the loaded cart over the clinkers to the station. When we arrive we fall down, are broken. I look around and see that Hector really has the biggest score today. His cart is loaded, loaded. From the station Bancalari he has to walk one more hour to his home. Thank god, on asphalt.
Fidel comes directly to me. "I have something for you," he says. I slowly start to suspect him of giving his children’s toys to me. "Something special, a calculator." I look at it and see that is a translator.
I sit down next to Teresa and start using it. Everybody stands around me. They scream words and I have to translate them. "How do you spell that word," I ask again and again. It’s quite difficult for them to spell them. They have to laugh about it.
"How is it going with your tooth." I ask Teresa who had terrible pain during the last days. "It’s going fine. Today it doesn’t hurt anymore," she answers. She didn’t go to a dentist. A pity because she is one of the few with an intact set of teeth.

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