Can with Cat $20
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Lorena has asked me to return to Belgrano R again, to that long station, to that chaos. The group of people around Lorena is quite a circle of friends. They touch her the whole time and she really enjoys it. She tells the others that I go with her looking for objects in the garbage. "Ooh, do you ‘do it’ also with him," they yell directly. "No!" she screams. "He knows my husband, was in Suárez last Saturday." I see them grinning. We are waiting for the Tren Blanco and Lorena is wolfing down another hotdog. "It’s a perro caliente," she jokes. "I have seen once a roasted dog on a market in Korea," I tell her. The story is doing well, as everybody in the suburbs hates Koreans. The stories become more extreme and we end with rats and cats. "A rat tastes like a rabbit," I say. I heard the story once on the radio. "That’s right," says Ruben seriously. I don’t know what to answer. "In between Suárez and the football ground there is that canal, that unbelievable dirty canal, there are rats of even 40 cm," he adds.

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