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Diego, the transvestite, didn’t come today. "Where is she," I ask Lorena who is always a kind of guardian angel for her.
"He will not come anymore. He didn’t like the work, was tired of that continuing comments on the street," she tells me.
I can imagine it, I also was completely amazed when I saw her the first time. That funny little trolley, her slow movements and her over the top colourful clothes. "He also earned not that much," adds Lorena.
"And, where does she work now," I ask. "Oh, it’s not that far from here, along route 8," she answers. She put her thumb in her mouth and makes in up and down sliding movement.
"I have something you could use, tomorrow I will take my dildos with me," she says. "Your dildos?" I say surprised. "No, they are not mine. I got them by someone on the street, a boy. During the first day I was cirujeando on the street."

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