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Hector shows me his cart, proudly. He has improved the construction with the materials we found yesterday. The bicycle I thought that it would be for his daughter is dissembled and the parts are worked up in the cart. There is even a reserve wheel under it now. "You start to become really professional," I say, he smiles.
His mother and sister also came today. The sister is very curious but doesn’t know how to behave. She asks the most stupid questions and keeps on staring at me. Hector doesn’t like the situation at all. "Behave yourself," he snarls at her after she asked me if I speak European. He definitely feels ashamed for his sister.
Ludmilla, his daughter, comes to me running. At the same time a cart behind me starts to move. I grab her away; the child was nearly under it. Maria and Hector sigh deeply, it’s not the first time their daughter is nearly under a vehicle. In a year she can start the kindergarten.

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