Enclosed Astronaut $20
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Jonathan also came. It’s his first time. It’s a small shy boy. But he runs to every bag and tears it up, makes fierce efforts to imitate his parents. It’s very funny to look at the scene. In half an hour he is completely filthy. We put him in the cart, among carton and bottles, well protected against the rain.
When we are waiting in front of an apartment building a woman walks out with food for us. After she went Fidel offers it to me. I don’t have appetite in these tepid leftovers. Jonathan on the contrary, starts to eat it, sitting inside the bag.
We continue our way. Everything in the bag is moving and Jonathan and his food are snowed under with the trash. He is yelling of pleasure. Although I also have to laugh it is not at all a nice picture. He gets tired and falls asleep.
In the station he wakes up and starts crying. The day, his first day, the cold, the rain, the train without windows. Big tears running down his face. His face is expressionless. Teresa can not console him.

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