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Although the carts and trolleys are properly waiting in a row, the moment the Tren Blanco arrives, the chaos starts. Vehicles squeeze themselves into the train, the cartoneros are yelling to each other. Five minutes later nearly everything is inside. The cartoneros sit in the window openings, waiting for the departure. The departure of the train is always a chaos, I have become nearly addicted to it.
Dani stays next to me, he takes the Tren Blanco of 12 o’clock because his mother hasn’t arrived yet to the station. He is a bit different than the others, has another attitude, talks a bit English. He tells me that he would like to move to Europe, to emigrate.
Usually I really dislike these guys who want to go to Europe, kids from the middleclass who are not able to continue their European lifestyle. But in his case I understand it. Put your hand in a garbage bag and think about having to do it everyday, every week. The decision between being an immigrant or a cartonero is quickly made.

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