Leather Lighter $25
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Dani doesn’t park his cart next to the others. He’s a weird but not a stupid boy. The bad thing about it is that he knows it. He is filled with education and knowledge but can not use it.
It’s a country where contacts are important to climb up the ladder. And contacts you don’t obtain in Suárez, frustrations you do.
"I have something for you," he says and picks an old Bakelite radio out of his bag. "How much dollars do it makes?" When he starts speaking English, he starts talking about dollars.
I take the radio in my hands. The thing is heavy, heavy. It’s an easy argument to say no. "I will take some lighter stuff with me tomorrow," he says when he manoeuvres his cart towards the platform.
The next day he comes directly to me and starts to talk about the objects.
"But why didn’t you take them with you," I ask. "I forgot them, I think I was too tired this morning," he says.

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