White Teapot $30
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"I don’t know what happens today but I can start a bakery," says Hector when he walks out with another bag of bread. It’s the fourth bakery who gives him bread, good bread. "Can you eat all that bread," I ask him. "With my mental handicapped brother that’s not a problem, he eats for three of us," he answers. "He looks like a monster, faaaat."
We finish early and go back to the station to wait for the Tren Blanco. Fidel and Teresa are already waiting. We greet each other. "You get a big belly," I tease Fidel. "Yes, that happens when you only eat bread and drink water," says Teresa who is sitting on a fence. For a moment I don’t know how to react, feel shocked, but they start to laugh loudly when they notice my reaction. "Idiot, off course we don’t eat only bread and water, we are not that crazy."
I smoke a cigarette with Hector. At one moment he looks at me and says: "Matías, that story about bread is true. People who only eat bread have a big belly."

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