Torn up Wedding Photo’s $50
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I sit down next to Teresa. "How is it going," she asks. "So, so," I say. "There are problems in my house, we had an argument with the owner, he is a friend of me. He is quiet stressed at this moment but I think we have to find a new house."
"Oh," she says. "I am moving as well. Back to Paraguay. I miss my family a lot and there is less and less work here, less money." Fidel comes to us with Daniel. He tells that he is going to sell his house, soon. "And then we are gone, the same day," he says. I advice him to exchange the money directly into dollars, I am afraid for a new devaluation. "Is that true, again?" says Daniel. "Then starts the whole shit once again."
Teresa doesn’t talk that much. Her right jaw is swollen. She has a terrible pain in a back-tooth. "Probably you have a whole in it," I say. She opens her mouth and shows me the tooth. There is just a small piece of it left, surrounded by inflamed gums. She hasn’t the money to go to a dentist.

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