The 64 Objects
i oo
A German alarm-clock, round cards and a leather lighter collected by Paula. A Coca-Cola bottle collected by Marcos. A wood carving, a green painting, a naïve drawing, a flower bottle, a white teapot and Pesos and Australes collected by Hector. A wooden flower saucer collected by Matías. A pearl neck-lace and a box with small things collected by Hector’s mother. 2000 Liras collected by Maral. A cat saucer, a bracelet, a deconstructed doll, a painting with nude and an enclosed astronaut collected by Teresa. An America Online disc collected by Ramon. A wall clock collected by Gaston. A metal bottle holder collected by Neri. A duck without a head, a broken knife, a Mexican painting, a donkey toy, a dangerous dragon, a pencil car-box, a menu card, a Spanish translator, a can with cat and a cool space wagon collected by Fidel. An elephant box collected by Martin. A print of Amsterdam, a yellow photo camera and a Kodak camera collected by Alejandro Libertador. Two magazines collected by Alejandro Flaco. A slide projector collected by Gabi. A Tupperware plate collected by Alejandro. A painting with flowers, a walkman with radio and a saint and a church collected by José. A wrist watch and a several brooches collected by Angelica. A talk toy and a crockery mask collected by Ariel. A tall dildo, a music-box, a nice vibrator and just some pornography collected by Lorena. A wooden dog collected by Gustavo. A colourful lamp collected by Javier. A pistol, five 6x9 slides, a puzzle, 400 holiday photo’s, torn up wedding photo’s and textural art forms collected by Carlito. Many old rare stamps collected by Ruben. A small robot, three balls with sanction-pad, a kind of turtle and a brown plastic object collected by Nelly. Old navy photo’s collected by Oscar.

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