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I went to bed at two o’clock in the morning. It might have been Wednesday, I mean, Tuesday late at night, so it was Wednesday. I went to bed at two o’clock in the morning and I fell asleep immediately. I dreamt about my cousin, my cousin is brunette. I dreamt that I was talking with my cousin. My cousin told me that on Wednesday afternoon, that particular Wednesday I should play number 74 in the lottery. I said: "Okay, okay". "You will win the major price", he said. I said: "Okay". He was talking in the dream with … . I fell asleep, he said: "Play number 74, that will bring you luck". However I had no money. I told him that. We were talking like that and he told me he liked me. "I like you", he says. He and I, we were in street, which had no houses. It was a kind of countryside where we were, just the two of us. There was nothing but a few trees. Trees and long grass. We were talking and he told me that he missed me and after that he started to cry. Later he made me cry as well and we were booth ...

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