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Alejandro has worked for 7 months as a cartonero.
In theory he is a tapicero, an upholsterer. "He has every tool you need for it," says Fidel nearly indignant. "The word tapicero is still chalked with big fonts on his metal sheets house."
Alejandro taught Fidel the profession of a cartonero in two days. Myself, I am learning it for a week already, try to learn how to grab in the garbage, how to touch it before, the art of looking through it, the way to open it quickly. Try to learn how to crack a carton box quickly in order to put them at flat as possible in the cart.
In a way there is progress but I can not get used to touch, to feel that wet porridge.
"Well, I also hate it," says Teresa when she sees me cirujeando a bag. "Alejandro is gone, he couldn’t do it anymore. There are more and more cartoneros, from other neighbourhoods, without respect for your streets, your bags. And the price of paper drops down, every week again."

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